TCR 70 – The Veracruzing Limited

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The Veracruzing Limited

Finding inspiration from content creators that may not have any production value but tons of motivation.

The Common Rule Podcast

Episode #70 (for live stream and podcast videos)

©2023 Danny De La Cruz

New episode! Check it out.

How low can you go???

Like this or more “budget friendly”???

Canon Vixia HF R800
Camvate half cage 1175
Zoom H4n Pro [can be switched out for an even less expensive Zoom H1n if multi-tracking audio is not needed]
Behringer C2 small condenser mic
Ulanzi Ultra Bright LED Video Light

The Zoom H4n allows me to add wireless lav mics as well as an additional wireless interview mic using all four tracks

Why am I doing this?
I wanted the most inexpensive rig to create content with the emphasis on sound.
I plan on creating content by myself in places where I might “lose” my gear in one way or another so I’m using equipment that won’t break the bank if it has to be replaced.
All of the equipment listed already has a back-up.
None of this equipment was originally bought for this purpose. Either I bought it then upgraded or it didn’t work for its intended original use.
I already had the tools in the bag.

It works great around the house. Now it just needs to be road tested!